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Falcon Water Tech LLC offers Reverse Osmosis membrane cleaning, testing, and recycling services out of its state-of-the-art facilities in  Conroe, TX and Tempe, AZ.
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We take back your used RO Membranes

• Our cleaning method is more  effective due to utilizing a  2-membrane vessel cleaning skid;  thereby reducing downstream  elements. This is far more  efficient than a 5-6 membrane  vessels used in normal CIP  cleaning.
• Stage specific cleaning on-site  may not be feasible due to system  design constraints resulting in  numerous membranes being  improperly cleaned during CIP.
• In contrast to the tediousness  of on-site probing, we have the  capability to test every membrane  individually. This generates  highly accurate performance  data.
• Our cleaning process is  specifically calibrated to or near  the manufacture’s performance  specifications. This is more  cost-effective and helps reduce  electrical energy as well as  chemical handling on-site. 
• Our processes help to promote  sustainability by the recycling and  conservation of manufactured  resources.

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We carry filters, membranes, parts, housings, and chemicals for all your industrial RO water purification needs.
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