About Falcon Water Tech LLC
Falcon Water Tech LLC offers membrane cleaning, testing, and recycling services out of its state-of-the-art facilities in 2 different locations: Conroe, TX and Tempe, AZ.

What We Do

We specialize in offsite reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, the sale of new and used membranes, and supply of water treatment chemicals. Falcon Water Tech, LLC provides membrane cleaning services for 8 and 4-inch membranes. We are located in a state-of-the-art facility in Conroe, Texas. Falcon has the capacity to clean membranes with precise control of flow, temperature and pH according to membrane manufacturer specifications.

Services Offered

Falcon offers a dedicated RO skid for cleaning. Our procedure uses RO water for the washing and rinsing.
All 4” and 8” membranes are individually tested. To ensure the most accurate results, we test both before and after the cleaning process.

In order to identify system problems and/or foulants, we can arrange membrane autopsies. This helps to clearly identify foulant to suggest improvements to RO Chemistry.
Each membrane is individually bagged, vacuum sealed, preserved, and boxed in specially designed, quality boxes.
We consult closely with major chemical providers to get the best cleaning chemicals for restoring RO membranes.
We provide consultancy services for your water treatment system and can suggest improvements which may help to improve system functions and reduce downtimes.
We also provide consultancy to those who wish to install new water treatment systems and can help design them based on your distinct needs. On-site studies can be conducted to determine the best system to fit your specific demands.
Falcon supplies and distributes chemicals ranging from specialized cleaning solutions to general or
specialized anti-scalants to suit your needs.

We provide new membranes from every major RO membrane manufacturer with highly competitive pricing.

Why Choose Us?

Falcon Water Tech is uniquely positioned to provide superior cleaning services at lower costs. The following are a few highlights of our processes that bring great benefit.

Reverse Osmosis-purified water is used for cleaning

Falcon Water Tech LLC uses Reverse Osmosis water in order to clean your membranes. Our Reverse Osmosis water ranges from x to y p.p.m, offering an ideal environment for cleaning.

Membranes are tested before and after cleaning

Before starting work, we test your membrane to determine its initial state. Based on this, we configure our tools as necessary to achieve optimal results. After cleaning, we run tests again and provide a certificate with the original and current testing results.

Membranes are shipped dependent on your needs

Falcon Water Tech LLC can individually bag, seal, or vacuum-seal membranes depending on your needs. We use high-quality packaging to ensure the safety of your membranes in transit.

We work with your vendors and service providers

By collaborating with your existing service providers, we streamline your existing processes and simplify your operations.

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